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In addition to the classical graphic finishing, since 1999 Quadra Graphic has been developing a special sector of packaging for graphic and other products.

The sector of packaging is functionally linked to the personalization sector and these two technological processes are often combined with the purpose of reaching the end product. Both in the technology of personalization and in this field we have the experience of ten years.

The packaging sector has been developed as a whole and now it can also provide services independently. It is equipped with specialized machines for packing flat products (cards) in foils using complete lines for individual and collective packing with in-line personalized marking.


This system enables the packing of cards in several ways:

  • Individually
  • Individually, linked in chains of 5,10,20... cards or
  • Packed in collective foils of 5,10, 20... cards with an adequate designation.

The packing system operates very rapidly, up to 500 cards in a minute, applying the latest ultrasonic technique for sealing bags, which provides maximum security and protection of products. In addition to the card packing system, we own a line for packing products in stretch-shrink foils, which is often used for packing pre-paid packages or other products.

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